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Being Thankful for Making a Difference

11/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

So I was shopping at my local Costco a few weeks ago and happened to bump into one of my first supervisors from my days with Capital BlueCross.  Roseanne was a task master for sure.  Although at the time I never doubted that she cared, I’m certain I didn’t fully appreciate the wisdom in her words.  These 30(!) or so years later, I see her at Costco and practically burst telling her how much I learned from her and that I still go back to those lessons and still quote her to this very day.  We must have been quite a site hugging and crying in the snack food aisle.

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What Happens If You Step Off A Curb And Get Hit By A Bus?

10/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

I’m a big proponent of cross-training and contingency planning.

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Hello….Is It Me You’re Looking For?

08/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

Last month we talked about resumes so it seems fitting to talk about the next step: interviews. I’ve had occasion to do a fairly substantial number of interviews lately and it’s been…..interesting. As I look back over interviews I’ve done over the years, I’d like to give you my top five do’s and don’ts for folks going on interviews.

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Use the Force. Or At Least Spellcheck.

07/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

I've been reading a lot of resumes lately; some are really good, others are ok, and still others are…well…they could use a little re-tooling. If you've been following my blog for a while, you know I like to cook and I like to eat (not necessarily in that order).  I also really like sharing recipes. In that spirit, I'd like to share my recipe for a well-written resume; I use this for my own resume as well as those I compose for others.

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Shoulders and Arms and Toes, Oh My!

06/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

If you see your HR person sweating more than usual right now, it’s not because temperatures are going up but because they’re starting to see arms, shoulders, and even toes in their workplaces. Yikes!

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How Do You Measure HR Success?

05/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

Do we measure our success in HR by the number of times we're able to say "no" or the number of times we're able to make the workplace a better place to be?

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Confessions of a Nerd: HR & Benefits Edition

04/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

True Confession: I am a nerd. A policy wonk. An insurance geek. An HR dork.

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What Can HR and Business Learn from Children's Stories?

03/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

Children's stories aren't just for children: they have great wisdom for business as well.

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Sexual Harassment Policy & Training: Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

02/01/2018 | Dee Yingst

You'd have to be living under a rock not to have heard about #metoo and #timesup and the revelations of sexual harassment and misconduct being leveled at many public figures. Something that I've found troubling is some of the stories where sexual harassment and workplace romance are discussed together as though one has some sort of connection to the other. So before we talk about sexual harassment, let's be clear that it's not the same as a workplace romance and why.

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Happy Christmakwanzukah!

12/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Practical Advice for Enjoying this Holiday Season

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Being Thankful for Engaging Employees

11/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

When you look back on your career, who are you thankful to have met?

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At Will Employment

10/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Can "grounds" for termination be "just because?" Under the doctrine of at-will employment: Yes (well, maybe).

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Back to Basics: What Every HR Person Should Know About ERISA

09/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

If you don't know or you're not sure what ERISA is or why it's important you're not alone.  ERISA is a massive piece of legislation. Think of it as kind of the Godfather of employee benefit plan regulation.

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Back to Basics: Two Regulations Every Supervisor and HR Person Should Know

08/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Back to Basics: Two Regulations Every Supervisor and HR Person Should Know

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Handbooks & Templates - Going from Good to Great

07/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Your company isn't just like every other company, so why should your employee handbook be just like every other employee handbook?

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Performance Improvement Plans: Using Carrots Instead of Sticks

06/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Performance Improvement Plans: Using Carrots Instead of Sticks

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Dress Codes

05/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Is it possible to craft a dress code without becoming the fashion police? Absolutely! 

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You Can't Always Get What You Want

04/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Reasonable accommodation under the ADA: When does it stop being reasonable?

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Do You Feel Lucky?

03/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Quick – what celebration do you think of when you think of March?? I'd be willing to bet you said St. Patrick's Day: the day of shamrocks, leprechauns, green beer, and the luck o' the Irish.

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Flowers and Chocolates and Harassment, Oh My!

02/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

Ah, Valentine's Day: the time of love and joy, flowers and chocolate, romance and sexual harassment.

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Less Obvious But Still Important HR Stuff to Consider in the New Year

01/01/2017 | Dee Yingst

With the coming of the New Year come the New Year's Lists… know the ones – those resolutions put together with the hope that the calendar change will bring new life to old goals.

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Wishing You a Happy...And a Merry...

12/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

Ah, the sounds of the holiday season….laughter at gatherings, sleigh bells, songs of joy, the wheezing of HR folks hyperventilating at their desks….wait…what???

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And the Winner for Least Useful Question in an Interview Is...

11/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

I mentioned in last month's blog that I really like caramel.  I mean I REALLY LIKE caramel.  I like it so much you might call it a….weakness

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do - Asking the Right Question in an Exit Interview

10/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

Neil Sedaka is right, breaking up is hard to do. Whether it's the breakup of a personal relationship or an employment relationship it's rarely ever an easy conversation. The recipient of the news inevitably wants to know why and what could have been done differently. I'm going to leave the personal relationship stuff to experts like Dear Abby and stick to employment. We're not going to talk about employer terminations but rather the conversations that sometimes happen around employee resignations – specifically the exit interview.

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OSHA and Your Employee Handbook

09/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

A few months ago we talked about a regulatory body whose rules apply more broadly than many employers think1; this month we're going to talk about another one of those regulatory bodies: OSHA.  

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The New Math - Counting for COBRA and FMLA

08/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

I have a simple math problem for you. If you have 2 apples and I give you 2 more, how many apples do you have? You don't have to watch Sesame Street to know that you now have 4 apples, right? Straightforward and simple.

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ADA, GINA, and Wellness, Oh My!

07/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

Did you know there are several different pieces of legislation that interact with wellness programs – not just the ACA? No? Please allow me to explain.

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Beware the Unwritten Rule

06/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

Did you ever break a rule that you didn't even know existed? How did you know? How would anyone know?

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Alice's Adventure in HR-Land

05/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

Most people know the story of Alice– the perpetually late White Rabbit, mysterious bottles marked "drink me" etc…. But did you know that valuable strategy lessons can be found in this engaging tale from Lewis Carroll as well??

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04/01/2016 | Dee Yingst

Requiring employees to act in a respectful manner toward coworkers and supervisors seems pretty reasonable, doesn't it?

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