Benefits Consulting

A LOT MORE THAN A BROKER. We’re a partner that cares about the health and prosperity of your business. Offering benefit solutions for both small and large size businesses, our benefits consultants focus on building a strong and strategic relationship with clients and maintaining a one-of-a-kind benefits portfolio based on the company’s budget and employee needs.

Group Health Insurance Group Health Insurance +

PA Chamber Insurance recognizes that every company is unique – and whether you have a small business or are part of a large organization, we deliver a customized portfolio that meets your employee benefit needs with personalized service.

Self-Insurance Self-Insurance +

Self-insurance is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for companies to manage their growing healthcare costs. Companies with as few at 20 enrolled employees are reaping the benefits of self-insurance as an alternative to traditional, fully-insured healthcare plans.

Health Benefit Alliance Health Benefit Alliance +

PA Chamber Insurance is proud to have launched a fixed-cost health insurance option for companies of all sizes. The Health Benefit Alliance Partnership Program is a fully ACA-compliant program that offers a variety of comprehensive co-pay health plans for you and your employees. Whether you’re searching for a single rate of under $400 or a family rate under $1,000 – HBA has you covered!

Specialty benefits Specialty benefits +

There’s no better way to supplement your employee benefit program than by offering dental, vision, life, disability and other specialty coverages. The PA Chamber Insurance solution offers these valuable benefits with guaranteed issue and no minimum participation requirements.

Medicare Medicare +

PA Chamber Insurance has teamed with MediPlanConnect to offer an employer Medicare program for our members enrolled with PCI. This turn-key program is provided at no cost to our member companies or their employees and will provide education, evaluation and Medicare enrollment services to your employees (beneficiaries) who are Medicare-eligible.