staffFor more than two decades, Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance, Inc., the insurance subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, has made sure that businesses of all sizes across Pennsylvania can offer quality, affordable benefits to their employees.

The emphasis of the PA Chamber Insurance programs is to assist business owners, executives and HR directors in managing a comprehensive employee benefits package while controlling healthcare costs and retaining valuable employees. PA Chamber Insurance partners with every major carrier in Pennsylvania allowing for a unique array of products and services to help customers explore alternatives in both plan design and pricing structure to meet their business and financial needs.

Our specialty lines of coverage provide a complete range of benefit options—dental, vision, life, disability and more—that can be coupled with any medical plan or offered as stand-alone products. One of the unique features of our strong product portfolio is that many of our specialty lines have no minimum participation requirements and offer guaranteed issue benefits.

As one of the largest health care buying coalitions in the state, PA Chamber Insurance continues to explore and implement new features, employee benefit options and services for businesses in Pennsylvania. From compliance education to human resources consulting, we offer a complete benefit suite of products and services.

Combined with unparalleled, dedicated customer service, the PA Chamber Insurance programs are truly benefit solutions for Pennsylvania businesses.