Health Insurance Minimum Participation Requirements


Many insurers require that a specific percentage of eligible employees at an organization participate in the company-sponsored health plan. This is known as the minimum participation requirement, or MPR. The MPR is typically 75%, but the amount of the premium the employer pays is often what determines the MPR.


An insurer does not count employees that have other insurance options in the MPR, such as through a spouse or domestic partner. To keep costs down, it is important that employees are encouraged to enroll in the company health plan.


Promote Health Plan Participation

Employees need to receive accurate, easily understood information in order to help them make informed decisions about their health plan options and choice of providers and facilities. To promote health plan participation, offer a variety of communications and resources to educate employees about enrollment and health plan selection, such as:

  • Online support tools
  • Email blasts
  • Electronic and paper newsletters
  • Customer service assistance through the health insurance company
  • Health fairs
  • Printed information
  • Bulletin board postings
  • Payroll stuffers


These communications should not be limited to open enrollment; instead, they should be used throughout the year to promote usage of the health plan.


Offer Incentives

Many employers also use incentives to encourage healthy behaviors that coincide with the health care plan. Effective incentives are simple to understand and the rewards are attainable and desirable. Offering incentives to employees for receiving preventive care screenings, for instance, is a great way to get them to utilize their benefits, and can reduce your health care costs in the long run by preventing and detecting dangerous conditions.


Some other incentives that employers can offer to encourage employees to enroll in their health plan include:

  • Offering prizes such as gift certificates, personal electronics or paid days off
  • Providing free or discounted family memberships at local health clubs
  • Offering health-related items to families who enroll their children, such as car seats
  • Making a contribution to the employee’s health-related savings account (health reimbursement arrangements, health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts)


Beyond these ideas, PCI Insurance, Inc. has many tools for assisting you in recruiting employees to join your health plan. Let us show you how.